Performance proposal

The programmes usually last one hour, but depending on the specific audience, Caire offers different musical and artistic proposals.

You can consult the different proposals in the following document.

As this is an unusual musical formation, the repertoire consists of both original works and arrangements for this combination of instruments.

During the concerts of this young ensemble, one travels through sonorities ranging from the most gentle and classical, to others more novel, with comic and minimalist overtones. This creates a varied soundscape, which Caire invites his audience to enter and give free rein to their imagination.

Contact us and together we will work on the best option.

Loudly Quiet

Our last program

In addition to the formats already presented, Caire’s current project is «Loudly Quiet». This is a short-duration concept framed by other artistic disciplines and composed by a concrete programme.

As we remember, the ensemble leads its audience through a sonorous and scenic journey through different landscapes and situations. In this case, the aim is to create a symbiosis that enhances the qualities of the disciplines involved. Caire performs this project in spaces where other art forms are the protagonists: museums, libraries, bookshops, exhibition halls…; places where the stories walk in silence and the ensemble acts as another character.

More information can be found in the project dossier.


Some examples

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