Caire Reed Quintet

Our story

We are Caire Reed Quintet, formed by five enthusiastic Spanish musicians, based in the Netherlands. We are passionate about classical music and want to share the stories, the images, and the depthness that music can evoke in the listeners. We really enjoy being part of a whole, having the feeling of belonging. This is something we each feel while playing in this versatile ensemble, and want to transmit it to the audience in an unexpected concert setting.  

 We perform short programs consisting of arrangements of different styles of classical music, from the Renaissance to contemporary living composers. We want to recreate the ideal ambiences for audiences to reflect and be guided by the story of the music we are telling.  

 We want to make classical music more accessible, that is why we perform in unpredictable stages, it can be a park filled with university students, it can be an art gallery accompanying photographs or visual art, it can be in a cultural center interacting with families with kids. Because we are all wind players, we can play both indoors and outdoors.  

What makes this ensemble special is the big variety in timbre, dynamic, flexibility, and adaptability, and of course our willingness to share music!

Concert Proposal

  • One hour program.
  • Several 30 minutes performances.
  • Microconcert: Short interdisciplinar concert.

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