Pedro Jiménez


Born in Torre Pacheco (Murcia), he studied oboe at the Professional Conservatory of Cartagena and later moved to Murcia to study his Bachelor’s in oboe. After completing his university studies, he settled in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) to complete his master’s degree at Codarts University of the Arts under the guidance of Hans Wolters and Maarten Dekkers. His participation with orchestras such as the Murcia Region Symphony Orchestra and Radio Filharmonisch Orkest from the Netherlands stand out, as well as working with teachers like John Adams, Jaap van Zweden, Antony Hermus and Markus Stenz. Currently, he focuses his objectives on the orchestral and chamber music fields, as well as promoting his own stage creations.

Carolina Guiducci


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She moved to Madrid to study a professional degree in saxophone with Miguel Ángel Pastor, with whom they formed the Per Sognare Quartet. Later she moved to the Netherlands to complete her Bachelor’s in clarinet at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague with Rick Huls. Passionate about early music and its history, she studies a master’s degree in historical clarinet with Eric Hoeprich. She has participated in several projects with various ensembles, including the Orchestra of the 18th century and Aus Licht for the Holland Festival as part of De Nationale Opera.

Adrián Vilaboa


Born in Galicia in 1995, he began to study flute at the Conservatory of Redondela at the age of eleven, and a year later, he began his saxophone studies under the guidance of Elisa Arias. That same year he made his debut with the Redondela Sax Orchestra, of which he is still a member. In 2016, Adrián moved to Tilburg (Holland) to begin his Bachelor’s in classical saxophone at Fontys Academy of Music and Performing Arts, in Andreas van Zoelen’ class, where he currently continues his master’s studies. He has played both as a soloist, as a member of different bands, orchestras and symphonic fanfare, Big Bands and all kinds of instrumental ensembles in the Netherlands. In addition, Adrián is a member of the Ricciotti Ensemble, with which he has made several national and international tours.

Celia Matamoro


Born in Galicia in 1996, at the age of twelve she began her bassoon studies with David Arroyos at the Professional Conservatory of Vigo. In 2011 she traveled to Oregon (USA) where she studied for a year with Christina Kramer and performed as the first bassoon in the city’s youth orchestra. In 2016 she moved to the Netherlands where she began her Bachelor studies of modern bassoon at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with Johan Steinmann and Bram Van Sambeek; and her baroque bassoon studies with Donna Agrell. Celia has been part of different orchestral and chamber music projects, such as the Aus Licht Opera in Stockhausen with the Dutch National Opera and Ballet in 2019; and performed in renowned theaters such as De Doelen, Concertgebouw and Tivolivredenburg.

Alberto García

Bass clarinet

Born in Salamanca in 1996, where he began his musical career at the Sirinx School of Music and later at the Professional Conservatory of Music in the city. In 2016 he moved to Rotterdam (Netherlands) to begin his Bachelor’s in clarinet at Codarts, under the guidance of Julien Hervé and Bruno Bonasea. There he developed an enormous interest in the bass clarinet, learning from Dávide Lattuada, among others. Alberto has collaborated with a multitude of ensembles and groups, currently being a member of the Ensemble Ricciotti and the Ensemble Floros, and highlighting his participation in the Aus Licht Opera in Stockhausen with the Dutch National Opera and Ballet. After finishing his higher studies, he is focused on chamber music and on expanding his knowledge of improvisation and other styles of music.

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